Vox Political on FB:Are sexist Conservatives using the lockdown to lever women out of their jobs and into full-time motherhood, tied to the kitchen sink, stuck at home all day?

Monday, 18 January 2021

 Far from it.  They've vilified full time motherhood for years making it financially excruciating to do.  They bully mums into working with the financial noose of universal credit conditionality around their necks. 

Yet they wonder why unemployment is constantly high when they try and bully mother's, the disabled and the ill into work and keep raising the pension age so there's even more people looking for the none existent jobs whilst being made to feel worthless by the dwp .

They'd rather subsidise childcare and be able to collect tax from the childcare and the working mum than support the family unit.  They actively encourage mums to send their two year olds to nursery to help prepare mum for work or face losing the lifeline of universal credit (which wouldn't be needed if wages reflected cost of living) our children start school earlier than necessary (many countries start at 6 even 7 years of age) again so the government can push both parents into work.

That's why society falls apart when mums are needed at home, like now.  

Kids don't stop needing parents during the day just because they're school age.

Hence poorly children often at school infecting others because parents are unable to take time off work when needed.  You go to class assemblies and plays and see the dwindling numbers of parents able attend due to work commitments, which if fine if this was a conscious willing choice.

Teenage mental health problems often remain hidden because teenagers often go home to empty houses after school.

I'm all for families who have two parents who both want to work for a higher standard of living or even for their own mental health but they shouldn't have to just to survive.  One full time wage should be able to sustain a family on the breadline.

Just another reason for the need of universal basic income.  To bring back choice. To bring back freedom for the family unit. To remove the toxic us versus them mentality of those fortunate enough to not need UC towards those who depend on it.  To value the work and contributions to family and society of the many of those not formally employed.  

Women may be the sacrificial lambs in this Pandemic, employment wise as motherhood calls them back home again but it is in no way the intention of the government.  It just highlights how unsupported families and especially mother's are.


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